Participatory Processes in the constitution of
Identity, Memory, and Belonging

Heritage is something we all make together.
Our Purpose

If we think of Heritage as a collective performance taking place in real or virtual contexts, we think of an endless transactional turmoil where values are continuously assessed for ourselves and others.

Our Values

Heritage is not a set of dead things. Heritage can be understood as a set of things invested with either financial, emotional or symbolic values which are important to those who inherit them.

Our Mission

We started a series of international partnerships that gave rise to a cluster of European projects which features actions under the Creative Europe, Horizon 2020, Erasmus IP and Europe for Citizens programmes.

Le “Tout-Monde”, c’est le monde actuel tel qu’il est dans sa diversité et dans son chaos. Pour moi, le chaos n’est pas seulement le désordre, mais c’est aussi l’impossibilité
de prévoir et de régir le monde. La relation signifie un rapport de transversalité et non pas de causes à effets.- Édouard Glissant


Root-telling and the (re)construction of a collective memory

Focus by Stefano Jacoviello (University of Siena \ PanSpeech) during the International Communication Summit Europe 2014

Invited speakers: Spike Lee, Michael Dobbs, Simona Panseri from Google, Yasser Aref, Stephen Clark, Stefano Jacoviello, Barbara Serra, Franco Pomilio.

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Network landscape



Tells stories through pictures of the journey that took place from 2010-11, in which artists from diverse backgrounds performed together through the negotiation of practices, artistic languages, themes, and forms of expression. Romania, France, Hungary, Poland, and Italy were involved in the first Creole Performance Cycle.

Daniela Neri’s photography witnessed this process, and while on the one hand it documents it, on the other it takes part in the process in a straightforward manner. An attentive viewer can find a way to relive the long journey and recognise each milestone as they go.

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Shifting borders - european perspectives on creolisation

Shifting Borders: European Perspectives on Creolisation

In the last few decades, creolisation has become a recurrent feature in the works of scholars from many disciplines, serving as a useful metaphor for understanding contemporary societies in a “world of globalisation”.

More than a metaphor, creolisation can be conceived as a powerful analytical and theoretical tool in order to grasp the current dynamics of intercultural encounter and conflict, allowing a close look at the production of new subjectivities and identities.

This volume thus has much to say about moving and mixing in our times, and shows in more ways how thinking about creolist and related notions can be very fruitful.

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